Cannot believe it! Andy Burnham insists three Labour MPs are not joining Conservatives

Andy Burnham insists three Labour MP's are not turning to Tories

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The Greater Manchester Mayor was adamant that he could never “believe” such drastic action would be taken by a rumoured three Labour MPs as he dismissed the idea of a shift in allegiance before reeling off why he is staying put.

Mr Burnham was asked by LBC’s Tom Swarbrick how he would feel if the shock rumours were in fact true.

The Manchester Mayor said: “I honestly cannot believe it, genuinely I can’t!

“Keir has set out a vision I think that people in the party can get behind.”

He stressed how he hasn’t heard “any talk of that at all” during his time at the Conservative conference in his home city.

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Tom Swarbrick added: “As it has been reported, some of your allies apparently putting Kier Starmer on notice that he has got a year to deliver!”

Mr Burnham lashed back insisting such MP’s “are not allies of mine” if they are suggesting the plans.

He added how he would also never have said “anything as unkind” as what is being reported.

Mr Burnham then launched into a defence of his own position as he adamantly told listeners to the show that he has no plans of leavin his role as Manchester mayor.

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He stressed: “I am serving serving a full second term as Mayor of Greater Manchester

“I love the job that I’m doing, I hope people can see it is the real me in this job.

“I am freed a little from the constraints of Westminster and I am happier for that.

“Nothing would make me give up all the things we are doing here to go back to Westminster any time soon.”

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The news comes as three Labour MPs are thought to be ready to jump ship and join the Conservatives due to Sir Keir Starmer’s beleaguered leadership.

The trio are said to have decried to “open lines of communication” with the governing party. Conversations are understood to have begun last week during Labour’s annual conference in Brighton.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the three MPs held conversations with Conservative whips about orchestrating a switch of allegiance.

From today, Conservative MPs and supporters are gathered in Manchester for their own party conference.

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