Britons FURIOUS as Boris told to delay Brexit transition ‘Get back in your Remainer box’

The former Tory MP who served as Theresa May’s de facto deputy prime minister, told the Dutch NRC Handelsblad newspaper “Covid-19 makes extension inevitable” causing concern for many Brexiteers. He added: “There is not enough bandwidth to pay attention to Brexit in Whitehall or the European Commission and the major capitals.” Voters were quick to give their take on his comments, with many urging Boris Johnson to walk away from the trade negotiating table if the EU edges towards an extension.

One person said: Just lay our cards on the table and walk away!!

“If they don’t like it, tough.

“They need us more than we need them.”

Another person said Brexit backers would welcome a hard exit on December 31.

They said: “The rest of the public other than Remainers , want us to leave because we can’t have it any other way.

“We would then be paying into the EU forever, we wouldn’t be able to do trade deals, we would then be trapped forever more.

“Liddington worked for May which says it all.”

And yet a third said: “Back into your Remainer box Mr Liddington.”

Others warned the Prime Minister against seeking any extra time from Brussels to strike a free trade deal.

One said a “backlash” would ensue while another argued there was “no immediate need” to agree any deal with the bloc.

Others accused Mr Liddington of using the coronavirus epidemic as a means to tie the UK closer to the EU for longer.

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“Another Remoaner still trying to keep us tied to a failing EU that will want bail out money from the taxpayers,” wrote one unhappy Briton.

“It’s about time you come to terms we have left and the trade is just the last thing to finish.

“If we leave without a deal it would be fantastic.”

But some people agreed with Mr Liddington’s assessment of the situation.

They said more time would definitely be needed for both sides to reach a good trade agreement.

And they predicted Mr Johnson would sooner or later wake up to the need for a delay.

“A delay is common sense!” wrote one person.

“Twelve to 18 months will give us time to recover from COVID-19 .

“I’m sure Johnson can see the sense in a delay but he constantly has to put up with whinging Brextremists.”

Brexit trade talks resumed today with video conferences between the UK’s team, led by David Frost, and the EU’s team, led by Michel Barnier.

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