‘Brexit success from day one!’ Lord Moylan hails visa free travel for musicians around EU

Brexit: Lord Moylan explains how to get ‘revenge’ on EU

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The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) recently announced that UK musicians will be able to tour in 19 EU countries without a visa. A statement from the DCMS said: “We want the UK’s fantastic performers and other creative professionals to be able to tour abroad easily.

“We are now actively engaging with the remaining member states that do not allow visa and permit free touring.”

During an interview with Express.co.uk, Conservative Peer Lord Moylan said “music loving residents” living in Europe will be great beneficiaries.

The peer said: “Brexit was a success from day one, because it returned our democracy to us and allowed us to take back control of our own affairs.

“It’s heartening that an increasing number of EU countries have now reached agreement on allowing British musicians to tour.”

“The main beneficiaries will, of course, be their own music-loving residents, who, without such agreements, would have been forced to travel to Britain to hear the best bands in the world.”

He added: “It’s also encouraging that the UK seems to have been able to reach these agreements on a fair and mutually respectful basis, having rightly rejected what appears to have been an unacceptably one-sided EU offer.”

Under this agreement musicians can tour in EU countries including France and Germany.

However, other EU countries including Spain are yet to sign up to the agreement.

Lord Moylan also admitted to Express.co.uk he does not see any other countries in Europe making a similar decision to break away from the union in years to come.

“No. They have mostly advanced to the point where they have lost that aspect of self-determination.”

Lord Moylan served as chairman of the London Legacy Development Corporation.

He was also the chief airport adviser to Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London.


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He was made a Lord on September 9, 2020.

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