Brexit outrage: Fisheries campaigner issues scathing attack on Brussels ‘insulting’ offer

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Former Brexit Party MEP June Mummery told Brexit Unlocked that Michel Barnier’s £90million offer for access to British waters was “insulting”. Ms Mummery issued a furious tirade against the EU’s proposal, claiming Boris Johnson should end talks “because of that damn insult”. Last week, it was revealed that Britain had rejected Brussels £90million fisheries plan as “not enough”.

Boris Johnson’s team has deemed the figure proposed by Brussels as “too low” and “not enough,” as Britain demands EU ups its offer if its fishermen want access next year.

According to RTE’s Brexit Republic podcast, Mr Barnier suggested offering around 15 percent of the total worth of fish European boats catch in UK waters each year as payment to the UK – which would amount to £90million.

This prompted a furious reaction from Ms Mummery, who is also the Managing Director of BFP Eastern.

Fellow ex-MEP Belinda de Lucy, who co-hosts Brexit Unlocked, said: “Earlier this week, it emerged that Barnier had offered £90million in exchange for access to British waters.

“He based that on 15 percent of the total captures by European boats. What do you think of that?”

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Ms Mummy responded: “It is an insult. An absolute insult. Now we should leave because of that damn insult.

“That is an absolutely appalling. I mean, he says some really, really nasty things and some pathetic statements.

“But that has to be the most pathetic statement I’ve heard that has referenced fishing.

“Now at the end of the day, how any Prime Minister can sit there and take that insult is beyond me.

“Once we’ve taken back control, the figures that we have, as part of the group that I work with, is £6.6billion.

“He talks about £90million. He is taking the Mickey now, he’s making us look like a damn laughing stock in this world. And that is so wrong.

“Boris needs to sort his government out. He’s got to start leading.”


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Ben Habib, who also appeared on Brexit Unlocked, wrote in this week that Barnier “will get what he wants on fishing”.

He suggested that Boris will give away quotas to France and the Netherlands on a tapered-down three year basis.

Earlier today, Downing Street was forced to deny Boris Johnson has lost control of the Brexit negotiations.

French ministers warn of weeks more talks amid “upheaval” in London, and senior Brussels figures claim the Downing Street infighiting chaos had led to a standstill.

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