Brexit News: British expats face total EU ban for failure to register under new laws

Spain: Expat on consequences for not registering under new law

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British residents living in Spain have found themselves the subject of new post-Brexit residency rule changes. Registering as a Spanish resident is no necessary in order to live and remain in Spain for stays that exceed 90 days within every 180 day period. British national and campaigner Sue Wilson has warned that Brits who fail to sign up and out stay their time in Spain could end up being banned from all Schengen countries for years.

Sue Wilson told “You could be deported and if you are deported you could be refused entry.

“Not just back into Spain but into the EU or into Schengen countries.

“And that ban can last for up to five years.

“So the consequences if they are followed through are quite serious.”

It comes as Brexiteers lashed out at Spain and accused the country of being “vindictive” over the rights of British nationals living within Europe.

Senior Research Executive at Get Britain Out, Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie told “In reality, it comes down to a degree of lazy behaviour from the European Union and a vindictive approach to try and punish the UK on any front.

“Whereas of course, the UK wanted to have a much more welcoming and a relationship based on friends and partners as Boris Johnson would like to say.

“But clearly the European Union isn’t the same.”


Brexit: UK expat calls for changes to Spain's residency rules

UK allows EU citizens to stay up to six months without the need for a visa.

Mr Mackenzie-Lawrie also highlighted the fact that the UK had been quicker to organise a new post-Brexit residency framework.

He told “Fundamentally we also got our stuff together sooner.

“We got ourselves organised, it was a good two-three years ago that we started allowing people to start applying for the right to remain.


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“Whereas in a lot of European countries there refused to start doing it until even during the transition period.”

As an example of the EU dragging its feet when it came to foreign residency rights, Mackenzie-Lawrie pointed to France’s refusal to transfer British driving licences over to their French equivalent.

He told “In France this year they have been refusing to grant people French driving licences when they have applied to transfer them across.

“Simply because they claim the trade and cooperation agreement hadn’t been fully ratified when in reality we all knew that the EU parliament was going to ratify it. As they have done now with a majority of 400 and only five votes against.”

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