Brexit LIVE: Red tape capital of Europe! Verhofstadt mocks terrified UK in bitter swipe

Lammy labels Brexit chat ‘pathetic’ and says UK must work with EU

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The Belgian MEP of Renew Europe raised serious concerns about the political crisis in Britain regarding visa red tape in the wake of the refugee crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine. The 68-year-old compared legislation from the UK with other European nations and pointed out that Britain is the only “big country” in Europe where Ukrainians need visas. He continued: “The idea of Brexit was to cut red tape..but Britain has become the red tape capital of the Europe! British people want to help refugees, but the Government is terrified of migration!” One Twitter user, OneMoreGoodMan, replied: “Those who voted for Brexit will be very pleased. This is exactly why they voted to leave.” In total, 71 percent (4,515) of those who took part in the poll said they would not offer accommodation while 22 percent (1,382) said they would. Seven percent (419) were undecided, according to the poll. Readers were asked: “Would you provide a room for Ukrainian refugees for £350 a month?”

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