Braverman sent official documents to personal email SIX times

Nadhim Zahawi defends Suella Braverman as Home Secretary

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Suella Braverman has admitted she sent official documents to her personal email on six separate occasions as a close ally in Parliament has warned that Rishi Sunak “has set her up to fall”. The Home Secretary provided further details about the security breach which led to her resignation from Ms Truss’s Government in a letter to Dame Diana Johnson, the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee’s chairwoman. In the letter, Ms Braverman apologised for the breach but admitted that she sent official documents from her Government email to her personal email address on six occasions.

The latest revelations have fueled concerns from friends and allies in Parliament that Ms Braverman was handed a job she could not keep hold of because of her previous resignation.

Speaking to a leading Brexiteer former minister, who was involved in her leadership bid, said: “I’m afraid it looks like Suella may have to go which is a great shame.

“I suspect that she has been set up to fall by being given this job. She was desperate to be Home Secretary but it is hard to stay on when you have broken the rules about sharing confidential documents.

“As Home Secretary it is your job to uphold those rules.”

Ms Braverman laid out her version of events in an attempt to counter claims that she gave a misleading account of the breach.

In her resignation letter, Ms Braverman said she “rapidly” altered officials and informed Cabinet Secretary Simon Case as soon as she realised her mistake.

But sources said the Home Secretary’s chronology supports the account provided in her resignation letter.

This came after the BBC revealed an email sent from Ms Braverman’s personal account told the recipient of the confidential message to “delete and ignore it”.

The BBC also suggested it took four hours before the Cabinet Secretary was alerted to the issue.

But a Government source said: “We have a chronology where everything squares and shows her resignation is correct.”

They said that Mr Case was informed by officials alerted by Ms Braverman.

Another source told the Telegraph: “As soon as possible in the middle of a packed schedule, officials were told and contacted the Cabinet Secretary.”

The Home Secretary resigned from Ms Truss’ Government two weeks ago, admitting to having “sent an official document from my personal email to a trusted parliamentary colleague as part of policy engagement, and with the aim of garnering support for government policy on migration”.

Ms Braverman’s appointment has been described as “a sop to the right of the party” as thanks for coming out for Mr Sunak and not Boris Johnson last week.

Some MPs on the right of the party, who are already unhappy with Mr suunak, have warned that if Ms Braverman is sacked then he may see letters start going in asking for a leadership election.

A former cabinet minister told this morning: “This is far from over. The party has not settled down by any means. There is still a chance that Boris [Johnson] could come back.

“He had the numbers to have a contest and he may have been advised to play the long game because Sunak could not survive.”

Ms Braverman was reappointed as Home Secretary by Mr Sunak after he became Prime Minister, just six days after she resigned.

Last week, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper called for an investigation into Ms Braverman.

Hitting out at Mr Sunak, she said: “The Prime Minister promised integrity, professionalism, accountability.

“And yet they discarded the Ministerial Code, reappointed someone who breached core professional standards and who has now run away from basic accountability to this house.

“It is the same old Tory chaos and it is letting the country down.”

She also said the claim that Ms Braverman acted “rapidly” appeared misleading and “that she was instead caught out and still took several hours to report it”.

She continued: “In addition to the many outstanding questions about other alleged security breaches and leak investigations, this also raises questions about the accuracy of Suella Braverman’s response and how seriously she takes these issues.

“Rishi Sunak promised ‘integrity, professionalism and accountability. Choosing to reappoint Suella Braverman to one of the most important jobs in government just six days after this breach took place fails on all three counts.”

Mr Sunak defended his appointment of Ms Braverman at PMQs last week, saying: “The Home Secretary made an error of judgment but she recognised that, she raised the matter and she accepted her mistake.

“That is why I was delighted to welcome her back into a united cabinet that brings experience and stability to the heart of Government.”

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