Brady erupts at ‘arrogant’ Boris in lockdown rage: ‘For heaven’s sake you’re BANNING sex!’

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Conservative MP Sir Graham Brady lashed out at Boris Johnson and his Government for the coronavirus measures they have introduced. While speaking in the House of Commons, Sir Graham accused the Government of being arrogant and overstepping their jurisdiction during the health crisis. He argued the public deserved to have more information as to why they were being restricted from doing many things they love.

Sir Graham highlighted some of the key areas that had frustrated the public under the new restrictions, notably contact between older family members, contact between families of different households, contact with friends and even contact with sexual partners. 

He said: “I question whether the Government actually has any right to take those measures.

“The thing that troubles me most is the Government is reaching too far into the private and family lives of our constituents.

“I think there is a perhaps unintended arrogance in assuming the Government has the right to do so.

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“An arrogance in believing it has the right to tell people whether they can visit their elderly parents in a care home.

“Whether it has the right to tell parents that they can’t see their children or their grandchildren.

“Whether it has any right, for heaven’s sake, to tell consenting adults with whom they are allowed to sleep with.”

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