Boris Johnson urged to ‘spell out’ economic pain independence will bring to Scotland

Indyref2: UK government must outline ‘real impact’ says Miklinski

Tony Miklinski, a Scottish Conservative councillor, told Boris Johnson and the UK Government have got to stop “playing nice” in the debate on Scottish independence. He added Scotland stands to lose £8 billion worth of subsidies from the UK Government if they leave the union.

Mr Miklinski said: “We have got to start spelling out to the Scottish nation what the real impact of independence will be.

“We have got to stop playing nicely.

“I have been told that people would not react well to being told that they will lose £8 billion because they rely on the English taxpayer.

“Well, that is fine, there is a reality here which is Scotland enjoys a standard of public services because of the subsidy from the UK Government.

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“Without it, we will go through a very sustained and painful austerity programme that nobody should be even thinking about.”

The Scottish Tory also accused Nicola Sturgeon of using her platform during the coronavirus pandemic to push for another independence referendum.

Mr Miklinski told that the SNP leader is utilising her coronavirus press briefing and regular addresses to the nation to further her “political ambition”.

He added that while he supports the First Minister’s decision to place Scotland into lockdown during this phase of the pandemic he has “difficulty” with her using it as an “opportunity” to further her own agenda.

Nicola Sturgeon accused of using virus politically by Miklinski

Mr Miklinski said: “I have no difficulty at all with her locking down Scotland.

“What I do have difficulty with is her making political capital out of it.

“And using the opportunity to further her own political ambition which she mostly does.

“Locking people down, unfortunately with all the impact it causes, is a necessity.”


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On Wednesday, Boris Johnson denounced the SNP’s calls for a second Scottish independence referendum during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Johnson told SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford that he hoped that his party will abandon its narrow nationalist position.

He said in the House of Commons: “I hope that he will abandon his nationalist position, his narrow nationalist position and look at the achievements of the UK overall.

“It would be a wonderful thing if the SNP for a moment stopped talking about their desire for a referendum while we are trying to deal with a pandemic.”

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