Boris is ONLY PM because Britain voted Brexit Nigel Farage slams border row

Farage: Boris is only PM because Britain voted Brexit

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Nigel Farage declared the failure of the Rwanda plan would mark a sharp decline in support for the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “If the Rwanda plan doesn’t work then frankly this government have let people down,” announced Farage. The former Brexit Party leader has been a consistent voice in the call for tighter controls over migrants and claims of refugee status. He continued, “Boris Johnson is only Prime Minister because the people wanted Brexit and controlling borders was a key part.”

Hosts of GB News questioned the appeal of the UK among migrants that make the dangerous Channel crossing to reach the coast.

Nigel Farage was quick to describe the benefits arrivals to the UK eagerly await.

“Four-star hotel, three meals a day, free medical care, free dental care, £38 a week spending money and the opportunity to work in the illegal economy,” boasted Farage.

“For economic reasons, so many people think this is essentially a treasure island,” he joked.

Nigel Farage has continued to push for harsh restrictions on migration in an effort to prevent illegal channel crossings by those desperate to reach UK shores.

“There is only one way to solve this,” argued Farage, “there has only ever been one way to solve this – it’s how Australia did it back in 2012.”

Under controversial policy, migrants attempting to reach the nation by sea were intercepted and either towed back to their departure port or held in offshore detention centres.

Farage praised the policy of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott that “nobody that came to Australia in small boats would ever be given refugee status.”

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Nigel Farage asserted the UK was yet to set the benefits of the proposed Rwanda plan which would target single young migrants reaching the country illegally.

Some asylum seekers would be transported to Rwanda where they would become the responsibility of Rwandan officials.

Farage claimed “if hundreds and hundred of people are deported to Rwanda, that would be a serious deterrent.”

He was sceptical of the success of the proposal: “everytime we get a big new initiative, and all the Conservative-supporting newspapers cheer, in the end it comes to nothing.”

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Home Office statistics showed 28,526 migrants made the dangerous Channel crossing to the UK in 2021 alone. 

Recent poor weather conditions have meant no vessels carrying migrants have crossed into English waters since April 20.

According to Home Office estimates, the current asylum system costs £1.5 billion annually.

Within this, a failure to accommodate asylum seekers means many have to be housed in hotels, costing the taxpayer an estimated £4.7 million every day.

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