Boris doing an ‘unbelievably good job’ and told NOT to step down ahead of next election

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The Prime Minister is facing a rebellion within his own party over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite having a huge majority, trust in Mr Johnson may be shrinking.

A rising number of senior MPs on the Conservative backbenches have signalled they will oppose new lockdown restrictions during a vote tomorrow, a day before the measures come into place.

In an poll – which ran from 1pm to 10pm on Tuesday 3 November – readers were asked whether the Prime Minister should step down before the next general election.

The poll asked: “As Tory uprising grows, should Boris step down before next UK election?”

With 4,271 votes, 66 percent (2,836) urged the Prime Minister not to step down.

Just 33 percent (1,365)said Mr Johnson should not stand in the next general election, while just one percent (70) opted for ‘don’t know’.

One reader said: “If he delivers a real Brexit he should stay; if he caves on fishing he has to go ASAP.

“Covid policy is much less important in comparison.”

A second reader said: “Get rid of all the renegades, the man is doing an unbelievably good job in difficult circumstances.”

A third added: “The revolting Tories are doubtless the smelly rump of the last remainer parliament.

“It’s anything to be rid of Boris, in the hope something can remain of their EU dreams.

“They should have bagged up their Europhancy and left UK to do what the electorate want: leave with a clean break.”

Others called for the Prime Minister to resign now to allow a “proper Brexiteer” to deal with the bloc.

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One reader commented: “He should resign NOW so a proper Brexiteer can tell the EU to go and get stuffed, instead of selling us out.”

A second echoed: “Resign now, and let someone else come in and do a no deal and get us away from the corrupt EU.”

While a third said: “He should go now. Not up to the job.

“Believes lying self effaced so-called scientists rather than listen to both sides.”

A fourth commented: “He won’t have to step down if he sells us out to the EU with a new treaty.

“We will tear him and his party out of Westminster by the scruff of their necks.”

Some Conservatives fear the long term economic damage caused by the lockdown will outweigh the health risks of allowing businesses to stay open, and that there are wider risks to mental health and an erosion of civil liberties from lockdowns.

A defeat in Parliament could dent Mr Johnson’s authority at a time when he is already under fire over his response to the growing pandemic and Brexit.

Any Tory rebellion during Wednesday’s vote is likely to be only symbolic, with Labour poised to back the Government on the measures.

Conservative former cabinet minister Esther McVey has revealed she would vote against the four-week lockdown because the “‘lockdown cure’ is causing more harm than COVID”.

Sir Graham Brady, the influential chairman of the 1922 Committee, said: “If these kinds of measures were being taken in any totalitarian country around the world, we would be denouncing it as a form of evil.”

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