Ash Sarkar shut down by Tory MP in heated immigration row Not compassionate! Not moral!

Ash Sarkar clashes with Tory MP in heated immigration row

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Corbynista Ash Sarkar has clashed with Conservative MP Tom Hunt over the UK Government’s approach to illegal immigration and human trafficking on BBC Politics Live. The Tory MP and left-wing political commentator were invited by host Jo Coburn to discuss the Government’s new Nationally and Border Bill however the debate quickly turned into a heated row with Mr Hunt blasting Ash Sarkar’s position as “extreme” and at odds with the UK public.

Sarkar berated the Government’s immigration policy on Politics Live saying: “You take a look at Brook House Removal Centre the Independent Monitoring Board found that a third of detainees had to be put on constant suicide watch.

“Do you think that is acceptable?!

“Do you think that is a good way to treat human beings?” she fired at Tory MP.

Mr Hunt replied: “What I think is acceptable is we have a system based on rules that are followed.

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“This is very much an extreme view that you’ve got.

“It is not in keeping with the majority of people in our country, who are actually compassionate!” raged the MP, “And do actually want the represent the most genuine of refugees.

“This trade in human lives makes this harder, it makes this job harder.”

The Conservative MP continued: “What I think is acceptable is if someone breaks our immigration law and comes here from another safe European country that we do not allow them to stay in our country.


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“Most people in our country…”

“That’s not the immigration rules, you don’t have to stay in the first safe country,” interrupted Sarkar.

“Most people in our country think there should be clear rules that are followed,” continued Mr Hunt.


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He blasted: “Your position is not a compassionate position and it is not a moral position!”

The Nationally and Border Bill is to be introduced in Parliament on Tuesday under Government plans to overhaul the UK asylum system.

Under the new legislation, introduced by Home Secretary Priti Patel, those found guilty of human trafficking will receive automatic life prison sentences. 

Knowingly arriving in the country without permission to remain will be made a criminal offense.

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