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''War is coming' to the UK within the next seven years, with Vladimir Putin 'not going to stop', says UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.

'Conflict is coming by the end of this decade, whether it is a cold war or hot, war is coming,' he told The Sun.

The MP is lobbying for increased defence spending in Jeremy Hunt's budget next month, saying that the world is "more dangerous, more unstable and more insecure" since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Wallace wants Rishi Sunak’s government to recognise and prepare for impending danger, stating "we need a greater proportion of the public spend on defence."

He told LBC that he expects the war will still be going on this time next year.

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"I think Russia has shown a complete disregard, not only for the lives of the people of Ukraine, but for its own soldiers," he says.

"We are sitting here 12 months in and 188,000, actually more now, Russian soldiers are dead or injured as a result of this catastrophic miscalculation and aggression by President Putin.

"When someone has crossed the line and thinks it is OK to do that to your own people, running effectively a meat grinder for an army, I think he is not going to stop."

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