Ann Widdecombe lashes out at Remainer Gordon Brown over Brexit plot – ‘Wasting his time!’

Gordon Brown 'wasting time as a Remainer' says Widdecombe

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe took aim at former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Mr Brown admitted that he still believed the UK should be in the EU and would fight to see that it returns to being inside the bloc. While speaking to TalkRadio’s Robbie Rinder, Miss Widdecombe argued that he was wasting his time.

She also attacked Mr Brown for his failures as Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer

Mr Rinder said: “Gordon Brown, it seems, having been Prime Minister is going to fight with all his political muscle to get us back in the EU.

“A, what is the point and B why is he doing this?”

Miss Widdecombe replied: “Gordon Brown has never shown much judgement.

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“This was the man who as Chancellor who sold off gold at bargain-basement prices.

“This is the same Gordon Brown who wrecked the pension system with tax reforms.

“He has never shown much judgement.

“If you said to me, name a politician who wants the UK to rejoin the EU, I would put him fairly close to the top of the list.

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“If he wants to waste his time this way, so be it.”

Earlier this week, Mr Brown admitted that he was still a supporter of the EU and wanted to reverse Brexit.

Speaking at the Guardian Live event this week, Mr Brown said: “I want to rejoin the European Union.

“I’ll not give up. I didn’t support joining the euro because I didn’t think it would work for Britain, it wasn’t because I objected to a single currency.

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“I’m not some mad integrationist that in all situations will say, integrate, integrate, integrate.

“But I do think our future is still European, and I do think that myself.

“But I recognise that’s not what’s going to happen in the very short term, and I also recognise that we’ve also got to find a better way of expressing global Britain, to persuade people of the need for international cooperation.”

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