Ann Widdecombe blasts lack of true Tories in Truss Government

Crispin Blunt says ‘the game is up’ for Liz Truss

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Ann Widdecombe has slammed the “appalling delivery” of Liz Truss’s mini-budget, although she expressed support for the Conservative principles of low tax and growth stimulation. However, the former Tory MP said that if the PM were to be replaced, there is no one in the Cabinet to follow through with those Tory economic beliefs.

She appeared on Mark Dolan’s show to discuss who could replace Liz Truss if she were to be ousted.

When asked for her views on the current Prime Minister, she said: “What really worries me at the moment Mark is that there is nobody at all now who has a truly Conservative agenda.

“Conservatives have always been low tax, low spend, stimulate investment, give incentives to business, that’s what the Truss budget was all about.

“Terribly badly handled, I wouldn’t defend that for one moment.

“But what I don’t see anywhere now is a Conservative agenda.

“I think Keir Starmer would be vastly more dangerous than any Conservative leader but I don’t see a Conservative leader if the word that actually matters is ‘Conservative’!”

Mr Dolan then pointed that Liz Truss had tried to be a Conservative leader “economically” but she had been “thwarted”.

Ms Widdecombe responded: “The problem is I don’t think it was the policy that was the underlying reason for her being thwarted.

“It was the delivery of it, which was appalling.

“She didn’t speak to the Office for Budget Responsibility, she didn’t try and square the banks beforehand rather than afterwards, she didn’t prepare the nation by talking about stimulating investment and what you have to do, she just went for it.

“Doubtless she would have thought that she was delivering what she was put there to do, which is quite right, she was, that’s why the members voted for her.

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“But it was appallingly badly handled.”

She added that she did not believe there was even any point in defeating the Labour party at an election if there was no Conservative agenda.

Ms Widdecombe also pointed out that Liz Truss should stay in power for “stability”, saying: “If we get rid of yet another leader and have yet another change of Cabinet the nation will just be totally fed up.

“They’ll think we don’t know what we’re doing.”

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