Andrew Neil slams NHS salaries amid social care tax hike hundred people on 200K a year!

Question Time: Andrew Neil calls for a social care reform 'plan'

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Former GB News host Andrew Neil has blasted the decision to pay “hundreds” of NHS bosses’ salaries in the hundreds of thousands amid the Government’s decision to increase taxes to pay for social care. Appearing on BBC Question Time on Thursday night the veteran broadcaster did not hold back when asked to give his view on the injection of cash being channelled into Britain’s NHS and social care.

Mr Neil told the programme: “If you want high-quality social services you have to pay relatively high taxes.

“That is what Britain is now going to have to do.

“But it is a spending plan it is not a reform plan.

“There are now plans to reform the NHS to make it more efficient.”


He added: “But I do see we are going to hire a couple of hundred people on £200,000 a year.

“So that is good for them, they will get a bit of that money.”


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