Andrew Bridgens opera singer wife plans tell all book about Tories

Andrew Bridgen alleges cover up on mRNA vaccines in December

Andrew Bridgen’s wife Nevana is planning on taking revenge on the Conservative Party with a tell-all book after her husband was expelled over a Tweet comparing the Covid vaccine programme to the Holocaust. Mrs Bridgen, a Serbian professional opera singer, is planning an exposé more dramatic than the storylines she performs on the stage, according to friends.

On a dramatic day in Westminster today, it emerged that Mr Bridgen had been expelled from the Conservatives after leading calls for a halt to the mRNA vaccine programme for Covid and raising questions about the potential lethal side effects of the treatments.

The row spilled over into a confrontation with Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson on the Parliamentary estate who was accused of threatening a former Tory councillor who was a guest of Mr Bridgen.

There is also speculation that the MP for North West Leicestershire is now set to join Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party where his views on the vaccine, tackling woke culture and individual freedom are shared.

But in another Twist, his opera diva wife, famed for writing a Tory Wife Blog and having a confrontation with Nadine Dorries, who she accused of giving her husband Covid, has now let it be known she intends to write an expose book on the Tories.

She hinted at the move in a statement on Twitter and it was later confirmed by family sources.

Mrs Bridgen said: “No corrupt and sleazy Conservative has been expelled despite being embroiled in countless scandals and money grabs, but they managed to kick my husband MP Andrew Bridgen for simply doing his job and speaking for the people who elected him.

“The date of 12th April may be the official date they removed him from the Conservative Party, but in reality, from the moment he began speaking up about the current issues, our whole family has been targeted and persecuted.

“Finally, I can talk about the censorship, abuse and racism I’ve experienced firsthand as a political wife in the past six years in Westminster.

“The truth will finally come to light.”

She added: “I am ready to write a tell-all book. Six years in the back stage of high level politics in Westminster, I have stories they will make a movie about.

“For six years I was placed on the silence button but enough is enough. Buckle up for the Confession of the Westminster Wife.”

She also pointed out that Mr Bridgen had supported Rishi Sunak “when everybody told him not to” adding: “Andrew delivered Brexit for East Midlands, he was loyal to @Conservatives to his fault.

“Sunak has allowed disgraced @MattHancock to defame my husband, it is all happening on his watch.”

A source close to the family told “She [Nevana] will write a book.

“They [the Conservatives] will lose their mind just at the notion of a tell-all book – Confession of the Westminster Wife

“She will tell everything behind the scenes, she was a privy to all that was happening from Brexit to the expulsion and how she was treated.”

It has been pointed out that Bridgen was asked not to leak his initial expulsion or lose the right to appeal but because somebody else leaked it to the Sun, his appeal was cancelled.

The source close to the family added: “The whole culture in the Conservative Party is the one where the wife is supposed to not say anything, but that the red line has been crossed here.

“Mrs Bridgen will blow the lid on everything that has happened in the past six years she was privy to as an inside.”

Mr Bridgen has been no stranger to controversy since becoming an MP.

He has been in a legal dispute with his brother over money from their family firm.

As an MP he was one of the Tory Brexit spartans to hold out against Theresa May’s deal and he was one of the early critics of Boris Johnson over Partygate.

His finest hour came with getting justice in the Horizon scandal which had seen subpostmasters being wrongly convicted of taking money.

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