A good few shandies Footloose Michael Gove filmed body popping in Aberdeen nightclub

Michael Gove stuns clubbers as he raves in Aberdeen

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The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster stunned Scottish revellers on a night out in the Granite City. Images and video of “merry” Michael, 54, at circulated on social media on Sunday.

In the clip, posted to Instagram by musician Emma Lament, the suit-wearing MP for Surrey Heath is seen throwing shapes well into the early hours of Saturday night.

Body popping, he raised his arms aloft to hard-hitting techno tunes.

The Scottish-born Conservative frontbencher found himself at local nightclub Bohemia after he was said to have enjoyed “a good few shandies” with punters at a pub nearby.

Ms Lament told the Daily Record: “Michael Gove walked into O’Neills at around 1.15am, the pub was just about closing.

“I’m almost sure he was by himself.

“I heard people saying, ‘he’s a Tory MP’ others asked ‘who’s Michael Gove?’ and were Googling him.

“Soon people went up for photos.

“The Tories aren’t too popular in Scotland but people were generally quite nice to him.

“It’s fair to say he’d had a good few shandies when he arrived at O’Neill’s.”

The singer also claimed Mr Gove left the nightclub at around 2.30am.

She added: “He really was enjoying himself, I don’t think he left the dancefloor the whole time I was there.

“People were buying him drinks but were also joking that he should be getting the rounds after he racked up £100,000 in expenses last year.”

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But this is not the first time Mr Gove has been recorded busting some moves.

In an appearance on Channel 4’s The Last Leg, the Brexit-backing MP was joined by ex-Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls dancing to “Gangnam Style”.

“He loves Aberdeen and its nightlife,” said a friend of the former Vote Leave campaigner.

While born in Edinburgh, the Cabinet Minister spent much of his childhood in the Granite City where he was raised by his adoptive parents Ernest and Christine Gove.

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