CU Boulder students look to slain Chicano activists as inspiration for ongoing equity fight

BOULDER — A mosaic of tiles, laid by hand, tells a story that still resonates with students at the University of Colorado Boulder today.

“Even though it’s been almost 50 years, nothing’s really changed for us on campus,” said Gabby Mejia, a CU Boulder film student. “They were my age when they died. They wanted to be teachers, doctors and lawyers. And their lives were cut short.”

In 1974, two car bombings less than 48 hours apart took the lives of six activists in the Chicano movement at CU Boulder. They’ve come to be known as Los Seis de Boulder.

Like Mejia, many of those who died were part of a CU Boulder student group known as UMAS – United Mexican American Students.

“I kind of wanted to look for people before me that were dealing with the same things I was dealing with and Los Seis came up,” said Mejia, who recently made a documentary about the car bomb victims as part of her studies at CU Boulder.

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