BTec results: how have you been affected by delays and downgrading?

While many A-Level students have now received new grades after the government’s exam U-turn, thousands of students who took BTecs and similar vocational qualifications have still not received their results.

The education secretary, Gavin Williamson, said on Tuesday that 2% of BTec results were downgraded from the teacher-assessed grades, compared with 40% of A-Level results. He said the awarding body Pearson was reviewing those grades, and the Department for Education was working with the company to expedite their release to students.

But with university spaces filling up with upgraded A-Level students, and opportunities to obtain alternative offers through clearing drying up, students are concerned they will miss out on a place at university this year.

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We want to hear how you’ve been affected by downgraded BTec results and delays to receiving your results. How will you be affected if you’re forced to take a gap year?

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