Progressive leverages technology to keep employees connected

Progressive continues to expand as more customers trust the company to protect their vehicles, homes, and businesses. It’s also celebrating becoming the nation’s top boat insurer.

The company hired over 10,000 new employees during the past three years to meet that need.

Adapting to the changing times, Progressive implemented a more flexible workplace by switching from employees working on the company’s campuses or satellite offices to working from home.

Bill Clawson, Progressive chief human resources officer, says the company’s future is exciting.

“We are reimagining employee onboarding and talent development in a virtual and hybrid workplace,” he says.

The company primarily uses virtual platforms and leverages in-person opportunities to connect and grow our culture at other times.

“We know that people can effectively work from anywhere in many parts of our business, so we are embracing a ‘work from anywhere’ strategy that focuses on the skills and talent an individual brings versus being conveniently located in a local market.”

Progressive set a goal in 2020 to double the representation of people of color in senior leadership by the end of 2025, and the company is halfway to that goal.

The company also recognizes the appeal of remote work for employees like working parents or recent retirees who may want to explore opportunities to re-enter the workforce.

“We recognize that both trends may require different approaches to recruiting, benefit offerings, and more, which is why we will continue to work to provide opportunities that work best for our employees while still meeting the needs of our customers,” Clawson says.

Progressive will continue to innovate to meet its employees’ needs.

“We have embraced the work-from-anywhere strategy, so the notion of a workplace is changing. The other component is flexibility for workers to incorporate work into life vs. the old approach of needing to fit life into work,” Clawson says.

“This is a careful balancing act, but something important to the workforce of today and tomorrow.”

He anticipates technological advances will help remote and in-office workers feel like they are in the same space and connected in their work

Operating in Colorado benefits Progressive and its employees.

“We think it is essential to have a local presence in our communities to help provide the best service to our customers,” Clawson says.

“Our local employees understand the state’s market, culture, and dynamics. It allows our employees and customers to foster deeper connections and relationships as we help them resolve their claims after an accident.”

No. 2: Progressive

Years ranked: 6
Founded: 1937
Headquarters: Mayfield Village, Ohio
Employees: 53,116, with 2,401 in Colorado
Facts: Progressive is the third largest auto insurer in the country, a leading seller of motorcycle and commercial auto insurance, and a top 15 homeowners insurance carrier. The company was the first auto insurance group to launch a website, the first publicly held company to report results monthly, and the first insurance company to offer pet injury coverage.

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