BT Podcasts: How SMEs can make money by focusing on ESG

BT Podcasts: How SMEs can make money by focusing on ESG

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This episode focuses on how SMEs can not only survive but be lucrative, by making environmental, social and governance (ESG) part of their DNA.

BT correspondent Howie Lim hosts William Longhurst, head of propositions and business development at HSBC, to discuss concrete steps SMEs can take now. This episode is brought to you by HSBC: 

Highlights of conversation (click/tap above):

1:20 Top 3 challenges SMEs face when integrating ESG into their business model 

2:58 Reframing sustainability as a growth driver, not just a risk 

4:00 3 reasons ESG is important to a company’s long-term survival 

5:45 SMEs will find it hard to raise investments or financing if they don’t show clear ESG targets and metrics 

9:32 Sustainability = long-term profitability: 4 steps to turn your SME around 

11:58 Why the entire organisation needs to be involved in a business’ sustainability journey 

12:55 Addressing greenwashing; how SMEs can ensure collaborators are legitimate, and how to get your business ‘green’ certified 

In the next episode coming Nov 29 – brought to you by HSBC – Howie Lim finds out how mandatory ESG disclosures will affect your business and how you can prepare.

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