Brighton-Hospice Colorado hired best employees after opening in 2020

When Brighton Hospice-Colorado opened in June 2020, few wanted to work with the new service.

“Without an established brand, or current customers that could speak to the ‘Brighton difference,’ it took time to gain the trust of our community,” says David Moeai, Brighton Hospice-Colorado administrator.

So, Brighton Hospice-Colorado focused on hiring “the most compassionate and skilled people in the industry” and worked to recruit new clients.

“We remain grateful for those who continue to place their trust in us,” Moeai says. “Things are much different now, and we aim to keep it that way.”

Brighton Hospice-Colorado nearly doubled its patient census while exceeding state and national averages for customer satisfaction in 2022, Moeai says. This year it plans to continue growing in part by expanding into neighboring markets this summer.

“While growth and exceeding customers’ expectations are significant accomplishments, the care team we’ve assembled since opening our doors in June of 2020, remains to this day our greatest achievement. None of what we currently enjoy is possible without them.”

Brighton Hospice sees a continuing need for innovation.

“Much of the innovation we’re seeking to implement now is aimed towards ‘supporting our clinical team so they can concentrate on patient care,’” Moeai says.

Brighton’s model of lower caseloads gives employees more time to serve their patients. The company also is collaborating with its vendors to explore innovative technological solutions to streamline processes like charting and ordering supplies.

“We’re big believers in ‘what got you here, won’t get you there.’ So many organizations, regardless of industry, have seen their products or service models become obsolete due to complacency, or because they lose a pulse on the evolving needs of the customers they serve,” Moeai says. “Healthcare is no different. There will always be a need to innovate.” 

Working in Colorado offers Brighton Hospice employees many benefits.

“I think one that we appreciate most is the ‘melting pot’ feel that we have here,” Moeai says. “Many from our team moved to the Denver area from out of state. Because of this, the diversity of thought, culture, and background is significant.

“As we learn ABOUT each other, we also learn FROM each other. This is especially helpful when it comes to meeting the needs of a community that is equally diverse.”

No. 1: Brighton Hospice-Colorado

Years ranked: 1
Founded: 2020
Headquarters: Sandy, Utah
Employees: 672, 66 in Colorado
Facts: Brighton Hospice strives to provide the highest quality of physical, emotional and spiritual care to patients and their families.

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