Opinion | Trump’s Attack on Fauci

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To the Editor:

Re “Calling Fauci a Disaster, Trump Shrugs at a Spike of Infections in the U.S.” (front page, Oct. 20):

President Trump does the American people and, indeed, citizens of the world a grave disservice by attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci. The esteemed and highly experienced immunologist has no agenda and no ax to grind, except to ensure public health and safety.

Dr. Fauci is 79, and my greatest fear is that he might decide that enough is enough and retire from public service. His departure would be a severe loss and a blow to the confidence of the public that depends on objective science to guide it through this pandemic.

I, for one, am not “tired” of hearing about the virus, despite what Mr. Trump says, and the ways in which we can protect ourselves. Stop the divisive political parrying and treat the Covid-19 conversation like the greatest health emergency of our lifetime that it is.

Christine Piatek
Ewing, N.J.

Muting Debate Microphones Is Not Enough

To the Editor:

Re “In Unusual Adjustment, Candidates Will Be Muted for Parts of Next Debate” (news article, Oct. 20):

Turning off President Trump’s microphone when he speaks out of turn during the debate on Thursday will do nothing to stop him from heckling Joe Biden. It is nearly impossible to think straight with someone yammering in one’s ear. And that is his strategy. Any candidate who interrupts his opponent should forfeit time. That might shut him up.

Gail Canzano
West Hartford, Conn.

Why Charles Koch Supports Amy Coney Barrett

To the Editor:

Re “Charles Koch’s Big Bet on Barrett,” by Christopher Leonard (Op-Ed, Oct. 13), made the claim that Charles Koch supports the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to ensure that “corporations can operate with untrammeled freedom.” That is not true. The supposed evidence produced for such a claim is a speech that Mr. Koch gave more than 40 years ago to a group of college students that made no mention of Supreme Court nominees.

There’s really no need to invent an explanation for why he has joined hundreds of thousands of citizens who support Americans for Prosperity’s efforts in favor of Judge Barrett.

Americans for Prosperity has been clear that it supports Judge Barrett not because of any specific policy or special interest, but rather because justices who will defend the Constitution, no matter what policy is at stake, are a critical part of our democracy and essential to the protection of our fundamental liberties. Judge Barrett will be such a justice.

Some believe that courts should be guided by preferred policy outcomes. But that kind of judicial lawmaking is not how it’s supposed to work. Elected representatives pass laws; the judiciary’s role is to interpret and apply them as written, regardless of a judge’s personal opinions.

Casey Mattox
Arlington, Va.
The writer is vice president for legal and judicial strategy, Americans for Prosperity, which is supported by the philanthropic organization Stand Together, founded by Charles Koch.

What Disney Should Do About Old Stereotypes

To the Editor:

Re “Disney Adds Warnings for Racist Stereotypes to Some Older Films” (news article, nytimes.com, Oct. 18):

It may be time for Disney to do even more than adding a short disclaimer to the old films depicting racist stereotypes. Children will still be soaking in the stereotypes by watching these movies, the same ones that were baked into their parents’ and grandparents’ psyches.

It may be time to stop streaming these films. Stop a source of these unconscious racist ideas.

Disney can do better. It can make better films. Let the old ones go to the archives with the disclaimers rather than continue being presented to children. Let them go.

Kathy Kerr
Portland, Ore.

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