Opinion | The Easing of State Mask Mandates

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To the Editor:

Re “Cheers and Fears Compete as States Relax Mask Rules” (front page, Feb. 10):

In an act of cowardice and irresponsibility, Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York lifted vaccine and mask mandates in many public places. This is exactly the opposite policy from what is necessary for a return to normality.

We cannot be safe until the antisocial minority is vaccinated. It is time for an effective booster mandate, not appeasement of those who, from ignorance or malice, would spread disease.

Daniel J.H. Greenwood

To the Editor:

Thank you, Gov. Kathy Hochul, for dropping the stringent indoor mask mandate in New York. Given the fact that 64 percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, 76 percent with at least one dose and 27 percent boosted, and with almost 77 million Covid cases in the United States, I believe that we are either close to or have already reached herd immunity. As such, it makes sense that we should start relaxing or phasing out some of the strict Covid measures.

We all need to start accepting the fact that the virus will be with us, just like the flu, and life should continue without such strict measures, unless absolutely necessary. Given the above data, and as a scientist and someone who had Covid, and got vaccinated and boosted, at this point, I strongly believe that I should have the choice to wear a mask or not.

Michael Hadjiargyrou
Centerport, N.Y.

To the Editor:

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s move to relax mask mandates is very disturbing. Your article cites political considerations and polls. Why aren’t she and other governors following the science? What’s the rush? We are just emerging from the Omicron deluge. Why not analyze the numbers for a few more weeks? I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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