Opinion | The Debate Over Masks, Mandates and Booster Shots

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To the Editor:

Re “C.D.C. Again Calls for Indoor Masks as Variant Erupts” (front page, July 28):

There was never any justification for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraging vaccinated folks to drop their masks. From a behavioral science standpoint, it was sheer lunacy to think that the brazen and selfish unvaccinated wouldn’t also go unmasked. And from a medical science standpoint, all the reported breakthrough cases reveal that the C.D.C.’s position didn’t even follow the science.

I particularly resented the fact that its ditch-the-mask pitch made fully vaccinated folks like me feel like pariahs for keeping with the mask.

Gigi Singer
Scarsdale, N.Y.

To the Editor:

Vaccine skepticism isn’t our only problem. We need to recognize that so-called breakthrough infections are almost certainly more widespread than we are willing to let people believe. We talk about reaching herd immunity, and vaccination is the more ideal way (rather than letting everyone get infected).

But part of that theory assumes to a great degree that people who are vaccinated serve as a blockade in the spread of the infection. In other words, the more people who are vaccinated, the less likely it is for an unvaccinated person to come into contact with a source of infection.

However, breakthrough infections — if common — throw that theory out the window. The fact that we are finding breakthrough infections largely by circumstantial testing strongly suggests we would find far more if we were aggressively testing, which we are no longer doing, particularly in the vaccinated.

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