Opinion | A Horoscope for 2021 and Beyond

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Astrology has been around for thousands of years, so why are “Mercury in retrograde” memes and horoscopes still so popular in 2020?

“We all need, at some point or another, to have someone say: ‘Yeah, that’s how you were made, and that’s perfect. Now, go do your thing,’” says Chani Nicholas, one of the internet era’s most prominent astrologers. On this episode of “Sway,” she demystifies the $2.2 billion industry of astrology — and reads Kara Swisher’s birth chart.

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This episode of “Sway” was produced by Nayeema Raza, Heba Elorbany, Matt Kwong and Vishakha Darbha and edited by Paula Szuchman; fact-checking by Kate Sinclair and Michelle Harris; music and sound design by Isaac Jones; engineering by Erick Gomez. Special thanks to Renan Borelli, Liriel Higa and Kathy Tu.

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