CISN Country 103.9 pays tribute to health-care workers

The morning show team at CISN Country 103.9 is paying tribute to health-care workers by taking part in a 12-hour shift on Friday. Normally the show runs for 3.5 hours.

“We’re just saying thank you. The reopening yesterday was a good sign of course and we wouldn’t have gotten there without the essential workers and everybody in health care. So we just really appreciate everybody,” said host Chris Scheetz.

He couldn’t help expressing his admiration for all of the work essential staff do.

“I got to work at home for about five weeks and thank goodness I did because my wife has some underlying health issues so I needed to do that.

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“When I was at home, not driving and staying away from everything safely, these people everyday were getting up and going right into it. Like they say when everybody else is running away, they’re running towards it.”

The music Friday was also a bit different.

“We’ve played the Bee Gees,” Scheetz said.

“We asked the boss if we could play anything and he said, ‘I guess,’ so we’re playing anything and we’re doing shoutouts for everybody across the board.”

This isn’t the first time CISN County hosts have pulled a long shift for a good cause.

“In some fundraising capacity we have, when we live on the field at Commonwealth Stadium, we’ve been there for 36 hours, but it’s different. You’re on a field, you’re not pushing buttons, we’re taking calls all night long, we’re going to take hundreds of calls. Thousands of text messages are rolling in,” Scheetz said.

The hosts were on the air from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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