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What Our Cohort Members Are Saying

  • SUPES helped me examine the position of a superintendent from a very practical and reality-based perspective. It caused me to take a step back and consider how I would function in that role more than any other experience I've had in my career. I believe I am significantly more prepared to step into a position now than I was before the program! It also helped me fully realize the importance of the superintendent position to the future of our educational system.
  • I was challenged by the ideas that were brought up during the sessions. This made me reflect on my practice and redirect my energy in areas where it would have the greatest impact on student achievement. I learned what type of leader I really am and would be able to increase my skill set through the relevant stories and discussion opportunities with colleagues from other districts.
  • Being a part of the SUPES cohort was a fabulous opportunity. We were provided the opportunity to learn from each other and problem solve through issues. While exchanging suggestions and solutions, my colleagues and I were able to discuss in an open and honest way. Specific trainings such as building a relationship with the school board, collective bargaining techniques, and budget management, offered great information and networking tips.
  • SUPES was an outstanding opportunity to learn from experts in the field from across the country about the real-life responsibilities and experiences of a superintendent. I would highly recommend the SUPES program for anyone who believes they are interested in becoming a superintendent
  • It really provides a strong foundation for approaching a new superintendent position, relationships with the board and the political climate.  None of this is ever taught in any other programs or courses.  Thank you!
  • All the information presented has been invaluable and enlightening. I wish I could have known this information as I have progressed along my career path!!
  • This is the most powerful professional development I have participated in which is directly connected to effective leadership in schools. I have learned volumes and grown professionally. There were great opportunities for self-reflection and learning.
  • The process is thorough and well thought out. The information is very relevant and appropriate. The speakers were excellent! If a district leader is what you are aspire to be - this was invaluable.
  • The SUPES Academy provided an intellectually stimulating portfolio of strategies and practices focused on transforming the participants into emerging leaders of public education.  The facilitators were proven, experienced experts that were knowledgeable in all facets of school superintendent responsibilities, including creating, a vision of educational excellence, communication, collaboration, community leadership, resources management and governance.   I whole-heartedly recommend the SUPES Academy to traditional and non-traditional educational leaders. I had a fantastic experience in the program. The networking with the diverse cohort was invaluable.
  • Many of us know traditional programs do NOT thoroughly prepare us for positions. This is the only program I know of that does this training in an effective (and dare I say…fun!) way.
  • This session was very well-organized, and highly informative. With that said, I feel like my professional life has been enhanced by the many discussions and topics which were presented during the two days. I will use the newly acquired information to inform my practices as I continue along the path to superintendency. In short, my commitment to offering "all") students a quality education was re-affirmed and I’ve been re-energized. Once again, job well done to the entire SUPES team!
  • The master teachers provided us with the valuable information; his experiences, his caring and thoughtful presentation style, his common sense approach were all great value to me. I have learned so much and I know there is so much more to learn. Overall, I feel so fortunate to have participated in this Academy. Thank you!
  • The SUPES Academy is an excellent superintendent preparation course for anyone who has aspiration of being a superintendent. The networking from a national perspective and the modules to prepare for many potential situations
  • The SUPES Academy is an excellent professional development experience that will provide key insight to the world of the superintendency.  I highly recommend the program
  • The experience has been highly beneficial for me.  I have enjoyed the various presentations, discussions with my peers and the great materials that were provided.  SUPES offers practical insights how it is and how it works.  Practical issues that district leaders encounter with amazing teachers who have direct experience
  • To be a superintendent is a lovely, but incredibly difficult place to be.  SUPES gave me a guide and directions.  This academy is a necessity because you get the real world training that nobody else wants to teach.
  • It gives a real life account of the reality & responsibilities of the role. The timely information, the mix of students in the group. The amount of knowledgeable presenters and wealth of information designed to prepare new county school leaders is wonderful! Learning, learning, learning!
  • SUPES represents the best in research and practical knowledge regarding the Superintendency. I know so much more now than I ever have.  A well developed and outstanding curriculum that addresses the many dynamics that exist in K-12 leadership. It provides an opportunity to really understand the intricacies of the job and realizing that the process is hard work. You must soul search if you really want to pursue it!
  • It provides insight, strategies, authentic learning opportunities that you will not get through a traditional public administrative program. Definitely will recommend this SUPES academy to others for a revealing contextual experience of being a leader.



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