Meet Our Graduates : Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson was raised in East Hartford, Conn. After graduating high school he attended the University of Rhode Island for his Bachelor’s Degree, and Howard University for his Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.  He quickly rose through the ranks, and served as a district network leader in Washington, D.C. During his time as a network leader, Anderson served 5,700 students ranging from pre-K to 12, 30% of them special needs.  He was accepted to The SUPES Academy in September 2013.

Thomas Anderson achieved his first Superintendent position only one month after graduating from the SUPES Academy in February 2014.  He was one of two finalists chosen by the Randolph School Committee in Massachusetts. His opponent having six years’ experience in state, yet, Anderson won with a six to one vote.  His votes were directly attributed to his “strong track record”, and that “he would serve as a good example” to students in the community. Furthermore, he was the “the right person (for the job), not just the best of the candidates”.  The one board member who did not vote for him, was simply worried about Anderson’s "lack of experience."  Despite his critics, many members of the community think Anderson will "provide the most leadership for our town" and will work in a collaborative way at all levels of the community.