Meet Our Graduates : John Ewald

Recently, one of our SUPES Team members was able to catch up with 2012 SUPES Academy graduate, John D. Ewald! Ewald is the current sitting Superintendent of Laurel School District in Laurel, Delaware.  He began his time at Laurel in October 2012, and has been working tirelessly ever since to prepare students for success in the 21st century.  Ewald was able to share with us a few highlights of his time in the SUPES Academy, as well as important aspects he has learned in his current Superintendency.

SUPES: Looking back, what was the most beneficial to you over the course of the ten day academy?

Ewald: I think the most beneficial thing was the ability to work closely with existing practitioners, sitting superintendents, master teachers and speakers, as well as building my networks with those individuals who presented and taught us, as well as my fellow members of the cohort.

SUPES: Excellent. So, we had several guest speakers, as you mentioned, come to speak for the cohort during your sessions. Which one stuck with you the most after your graduation?

Ewald: I think that each one of these individuals I'm about to mention -- the thing that connected and resonated was their direct commitment to students -- and that the whole networks was driven by students, and providing the best instructional tutoring program and access to such programming. All of the other things just sort of fell to the side as just as important, but their ideal commitment to students had ideal access for instructional programming. That would be Dallas Dance, Bill Pike, Brian Osborne, Tom Brady.

SUPES: Very nice, all great examples. Now, I went onto your website and noticed you had a Twitter feed. How does technology play a role in your Superintendency?

Ewald: It plays a huge role! I have a Twitter account, Instagram account, Facebook account. That's my ability to communicate with others within a larger community. It's a way to share articles of interest for me, as well as showcase instructional practice. My Twitter feed is a combination of pictures and highlights from regular classrooms and school visits, as well as articles that are of relevance to the work that we're doing in my district or across the nation.

SUPES: What advice would you give someone that was interested in joining the cadre of SUPES Academy graduates?

Ewald: I’d go for it, and stay connected with your colleagues. Superintendency can be very lonely if you let it, but take advantage of the support and networking opportunities, as well as the number of opportunities SUPES provides.

A big thank you to John D. Ewald for taking the time to speak with us! You can tweet John D. Ewald (@LaurelDelSuper).